Oorja is the first and only company manufacturing large, scalable Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs) with reliable Generation 5 products. Oorja products address multiple, multi-billion-dollar markets with strong customer demand:

  • The materials-handling equipment market, extending the battery life of forklifts and pallet loaders
  • The refrigerated trucking market, offering quiet and non-polluting auxiliary backup power units
  • Telecommunications base stations, for grid backup and remote power needs
  • Micro-grids and distributed energy generation

For More Information:
Model 3 — for Materials Handling and Portable Applications
Model T-1 — for Telecommunications and Stationary Applications
Oorja Stationary Refueling Station
Oorja Mobile Refueling Station
Remote User Interface — for Real-Time Monitoring of Multiple Systems
Configuration Guide

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