Oorja Stationary Refueling Station

RefuelingStation-cThe Oorja Stationary  Refueling Station is self-contained and is constructed using a lockable NFPA flammable storage cabinet, which can store two 55-gallon (208-liter) drums with secondary containment built in. The Refueling Station is equipped with an UL/FM-listed, explosion-proof AC pump that will pump methanol from the 55-gallon drum inside the cabinet through stainless steel lines and quick-connectors into the Model 3 on the vehicle or into another Oorja product, like the Model T-1.

The refueling process is logic-controlled and is enabled when the Enable/Monitor cable is connected to the Model 3; until the Enable/Monitor cable is connected to the Model 3, the refueling station is disabled and idle.

The Oorja Refueling Station is available in two sizes: stationary (shown above) and the portable Mobile Refueling Station.

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