Model 3 — for Materials Handling and Portable Applications

The Oorja Model 3 is a liquid fuel cell that operates as an on-board battery charger for a wide variety of Class III vehicles in the materials-handling industry. The Model 3 keeps the vehicle battery at a high state of charge, eliminating the need for battery swapping and rapid charging, thus increasing productive time. Refueling infrastructure takes little space and is inexpensive and safe because the fuel is a common industrial liquid, methanol, which reduces CO2 emissions by 30 to 60 percent.

With improved productivity, increased performance, reduced operating costs, and a clean and safe fueling solution, the Oorja Model 3 typically offers return on investment in less than 24 months while providing full grid independence.

leo-Model3-origFor More Information:
Introduction to Model 3
Model 3 Specifications
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